Sreejith K K
User Experience Designer

Commemorative Stamp Design

The thought process . . .

Two questions were posed. How would you craft an icon within a restricted space that conveys the appropriate message to the viewer? How will design help convey a message or an impression? To start off with, I gathered a set of photographs of the school and tried to identify a primary design element which would convey meanings of certain keywords such as 'prosper', 'excel', 'nostalgic', 'recollect'. The element had to be fit within a certain dimension, 15mm sq. to be precise. For this very reason, I tried to avoid perspective views and decided to stick with either a front view of the element or the side view.

I remembered the times when I used to drive-by the school campus and had a quick glance at the buildings from the outside. I knew this first glance of the school from the outside would bring back so many good memories for students who have now become an alumnus. So, now the primary design element was decided, the view of school facing east. Since there was a time constraint to complete the assignment, I had to sketch-up a few concepts real quick initially. I had to keep it rather simple without experimenting too much with the colours. The final design is shown below.